Symmetry, as the name suggests serves as a den to incubate tech based startups in Bihar. The co-working space offers a unique ability of plug n play functionality to early stage startups in Patna who are looking to move in and start their work right away. Symmetry simplifies the co-working ability by offering ready to use facilities which are vital for every startup business.

What’s different about Symmetry Co-working?

Symmetry houses some of the great minds who instead of worrying about small problems like internet connectivity and location concerns, can focus on their core competencies and make something unique to be used by billion peoples of India and abroad. The creative atmosphere around is bound to create the spark one needs to give birth to powerhouse ideas.

How can One Join?

To become a part of this great atmosphere, all you have to have is a zeal to do something out of the box and grab some unique idea and turn your dreams into reality.

Apply for Symmetry Co-Working Space

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